Welcome to Badulina,

a young intentional community

in Andalusia.

Would you like to live toghether in community close to the nature?

Share your gifts and talents with like minded people ?

Badulina Life

Imagine walking along gentle slopes of  terraces with fields of flowers on the fertile ground, taking a deep breath, cracking almonds, picking oranges, peaches, figs, apples and grapes…
Tasting the wealth of Mother Nature.

Creating comfortable living spaces in the cooling shadow of the olive grove in a colorful mixture of creative buildings, people who live and work together and hear in a distance laughter of our children…

Play this Badulina song by Ilhaam project which inspired our name

We Are Open
For New Members

We are happy
to welcome families
and individual co-creators

Members Possible

We also like to invite
who want to experience community life

WWOOF helpers

Are you interested?

If you like to become community member
please contact us by private message

Tell us about yourself and how you want to get involved.

We are also interested in your vision of living in a community.

We will send you our vision statement and try to answer any questions you have!