Would you like to experience community life
and feel the true power of co-creation?

Together we are here to celebrate life, work and help our children to grow up.
We are creating the Badulina dream together as we manifest with heart, mind and hands.

We want to offer a space where each person, individually is given the inspiration, tools and ability to create beauty from within. Expressing themselves through building homes, making music, creating art, gardens and caring for and harvesting our abundant trees.

We hope that everything you do here is like painting on the canvas of life.

Collectively we are the owners and care takers of a large piece of land – called Badulina.
We are looking for beautiful people willing to serve one another as equals.

How to become a member?

First we invite you to come to visit us for at least 2 weeks – from our experience that is minimum time to arrive and connect with members, vision and land.

During that time we will meet each other and present you more the process which takes abut 9 months.

Cost of joining are approximately  € 10 000 per adult / children half price.

If you feel that this new way of living together resonate with you

We would love to
know more about you

We prepared question sheet to learn more about your vision on communal life, your goals, talents and what makes  you happy.

Please save it, fill in and send to us back by email: info [at]


Although you pay for the living use of your private area, one comes
into the association as a co-owner of the whole land to live, work and enjoy on.
And as long as a member stays in good contact with the others,
commits to the vision statement and values we share the membership
for life and can even be inherited to your children.

We are Non-profit association so all
donations, communal money and work is for our shared benefits

and can be used for our life, projects and activities.

Guest information

Practical information for everybody who likes to visit us for a community life experience.

If you wish to participate in the communal eating and gain access to the communal kitchen we ask €25 person per week.

House hold contribution: We ask €8 person per week. To help cover living cost (internet, water, electricity, ecological shampoo and shower gel) etc.

Use of communal washing machine – €4 including ecological detergent and dryer – €4.
For trial/ members half price.

Next to that we all contribute 15h per week of communal work activity.
On morning meetings everyone can choose what they prefer to do from the list of jobs-to-do.